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Tunisia Trails

Tunisia has unlimited potential for outdoor adventures. In the north the country is blessed with spectacular coastline, ideal for hiking and mountain biking. In the centre, especially just south of the capital Tunis, are jagged limestone peaks. These mountains are a playground for climbers, hikers, bikers and cavers. The problem is that there is hardly any information about routes available (good maps are not available). At the moment I'm sharing information on tunisiatrails.blogspot.com. For the Zaghouan area I will produce a small guidebook (for hikes and scrambles). I founded the Zaghouan Mountain Film Festival (ZMFF), to get the outdoor sports community together and inspire them to plan new expeditions and try new forms of outdoor sports. And there are plans to set up a training programme for potential trail leaders for hiking and cycling. Plenty to do!

Trekking in the Pamirs

Ever since I did a bicycle trip (in 2009) in the south of Tajikistan I have been fascinated about the mountains and people in the Pamir region. I discovered that up-to-date (printed) information about trekking in this area is hard to find. The Pamirs have a lot of potential for trekkers. In the summer of 2010 I roamed around in the Fann Mountains and the Afghan Pamir (Wakhan), my first research trip that will result in a guidebook about trekking in this stunning region. In 2012, I finished my field research and since May 2014 the guidebook Trekking in Tajikistan is available in PDF. To view the project and to order the guidebook visit trekkinginthepamirs.com.

Envirotrek for Respect the Mountains

In 2009 I (with the help of a dedicated team of local providers and outdoor brand KEEN) created the clean-up and adventure sports event Envirotrek. At the time I was working for the dutch charity Respect the Mountains. Envirotrek is a full day event with volunteers doing a mountain clean-up in the morning and as a reward get a free adventure activity (such as rafting, mountain biking etc) in the afternoon. We started with two events in France and Austria and managed to get more than 100 people together cleaning and playing in the mountains. In 2013, 4 years later, Envirotrek boasts 8 events in 5 countries attracting over 500 participants. It has become a widely-known event and was granted the prestigious EOCA grant (20k euro). respectthemountains.com/envirotrek

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